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MackerelMackerel: Spanish mackerel, Scombermorus maculatus, a sleek, slender bodied fish with an average weight between 6 and 10ozs, but growing to over 6lbs. The back is colored iridescent blue/green with black irregular lines across it fading into a paler green in the middle, then to a pale white belly flecked with faint pink and bronze shading.

The basics of fishing are simple: find the fish, and bait a hook with something they will eat. Any good angler can find fish. It is the latter that baffles most of us. Chumming can solve this problem.
Chum Chopped up fish, shellfish or even animal parts (for sharks), dropped overboard to attract gamefish.

Chum bag A mesh bag left hanging overboard, filled with chum. Trollers sometimes drag the bag alongside the boat. Smaller bags can be trolled deep while attached to downrigger balls.

Chumming A fishing technique by which bait or scent is released into the water to attract fish to take a lure or baited hook. Chum consists of live, dead, ground-up or prepared baits and scents and is used in fresh and saltwater.

a good chum slick must have the right combination of fish oil and meat.
The practice of using chum offshore has to be about as old as fishing itself. Who wants to just sit there and wait with nothing going on when there's every chance that just a little extra effort and expense will likely turn the whole day around? Even something as simple as a mesh bag of frozen mush dangled behind the boat can spell the difference between fishing and catching. All game fish respond in varying degrees to chum. For some anglers chumming has become an art form, even a science. One thing is absolutely sure, effective chumming techniques produce more fish. Chumming is a standard, integral part of fishing in many locations, while in others, it is non-existent. Local custom and tradition seems to dictate. For example, chumming snappers and groupers on the coral reefs of the Florida Keys is the accepted, modus operandi, but this procedure is virtually unused in the Panhandle. Sometimes necessity is the Mother of invention. Regardless of where you fish, do some chum experimentation. The results may surprise you.

Bunker 20.00
Mackeral 26.00
Blue fish ( limited) 25.00
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