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Cape Cod Fishing Reports

June 21, 2008

Sports Port's 2008 Tournament current standings as of 11am Saturday 6/21/08

1. Gary Brown 36.5 lb
2. Nick Franco 31.05 lb
Nick Frnaco's 31.05 lb Bass

3. Chet Coggeshall 23.75 lb
Chet Coggeshall's 23.75 lb Bass

1. Gardner Bridge 11.05 lb
2. Al Arguello 9.90 lb
3. Gene Gonyer 8.45 lb

Sorry about the lack of a fishing report last week...we have been busy in prep for the big July 4th weekend.

The North Side has been the most productive this past week. Bass, Blues Fluke, and small Blue fin tuna have been reported in Cape Cod Bay. The bass have been caught on live eels right in Barnstable Harbor at night. We had a few customers that came in this week to replace the 12/0 hook on their bunker spoons. They had said that fishing with the bunker spoon around the parking lot(located straight out from sandy neck parking lot)has been very productive. A customer was actually able to land one of these tackle busting bass and weighed in at 41.6lbs. Chris Begley was out on Fri 6/20 for the small tuna, and ended up hooking into some nice keepers up at race point. Also, there are some bluefish that are in the 10-12lb range also at race point. A few lucky tuna fishermen were able to land some small tuna on spinning tackle!!!!!! The largest tuna they landed was 151 lbs and they were at Peaked Hill bar. The fluke have started to move into Barnstable Harbor but the large doormats are still not in. Sandy Neck has still been producing nice sized keepers using sea-worms.

The South Side has fishermen working for their bass. Bishops and Clerks has remained hot and cold depending on what time you are out there. We had guys saying that tube'n worm has been productive later in the evening. Middle ground has had some nice bass, however the mung was in last week. The bluefish are in heavy over there so try and get the lures/bait below them to have some luck with the bass. Our first report of Handkerchief shoal has bass all over the place. The water has warmed up fast forcing bass to escape to cooler water. In the past years Tom's shoal has produced nice bass this time of the year. Let us know about how the action is down at Tom's if you do try it out.

The bluefish have moved in heavy on the south side taking over many of the shoals. Horseshoe shoal had so many bluefish last week that you could walk on them. Also, right out in front of Sampson's island there has been some nice blues in the deeper water.

The bottom fishing has been great with large scup at Wreck shoal. Also, try Colliers ledge for some nice scup and sea bass. The fluking has been good with some nice fish taken at middle ground.

Fishing from many of the south-side beaches has been great....still!!!! Even with the warm water large fish are still being taken from the beach at night. Also, a large number of scup have been caught from the jetties.

Freshwater fishing has been great the past week!!!!! Largemouth bass have been active and large fish have been taken in the weeds. Also, we heard of a 26in rainbow caught in Hamblins pond.

Get out on the water and catch some fish!

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