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Cape Cod Fishing Reports
August 20, 2010

Greetings followers of the fins, I hope everyone is still having a great summer as Labor Day gets closer and closer. We have the late summer and fall season to look forward to, and after the summer we've had it should shape up to be a great fall run. The fishing has slowed down a bit, but most anglers are still finding ways to scrape up some fish.
The Northside
The Bay remains to be icy cold and still holds some bass around the typical spots. The Parking Lot has been hit or miss as anglers either troll tube'n worms or jig with wire line. Some reports say night fishing at the Lot has been decent trolling tubes or live lining American eels. The Fingers has had similar reports to the Parking Lot with spotty hook ups trolling tubes or bunker spoons. Up towards Billingsgate there have been some decent reports of some schools of bluefish smacking top water lures. The Race has also slowed down, but reports have come in of some bass and bluefish hitting wire line jigs. So whether the Bay slowed down or we were all just spoiled with the excellent spring, I've come to the conclusion that there are still some fish around. The fall run will be here soon enough anyway you look at.

The Southside With temperatures reaching such highs south of the Cape, stripers have mostly moved north, south and east. Some anglers have reported some bass still at Nomans, Gayhead, The Elizabeths and Squibnocket. Most of the consistent bass fishing has been on the backside near the Nauset inlet. Commercial and recreational fisherman alike, have been maxing out on keepers with diamond jigs in deep water.

One report came in of an angler even hooking up with a 15 foot great white shark on a diamond jig close to the boat. Many other fisherman witnessed the event and said the shark basically hung around all day, surfacing from time to time.

Bluefishing on the southside has been rather successful with reports of nice bluefish active at Succonesset, Horseshoe Shoal and Monomoy. The sea bass fishing has also been excellent with many reports of aggressive sea bass hitting jigs and squid at Colliers, Bishops and Lone Rock. Some reports of false albacore and bonito have started to stream in with fish at Hedgefence, the Hooter and Bonito Bar.

Offshore fishing has also been excellent with reports of big mahi, billfish and yellow fin at the canyons. So even with the bass fishing slowing down, at least we have some other great species to pursue as a little change of pace while we wait for the fall run.

Sports Port Bass & Blues Tourney Standings as of 8/20/10 9am
Sports Port Bass & Blues Tourney Standings as of 8/20/10
1. Steve Reininghous 40.80 lbs
2. Brian Wilson 37.15 lbs
3. Norm Bouchard 37.10 lbs

1. Jeff Capute 13.55 lbs
2. John Goyette 10.50 lbs
3. Norm Bouchard 9.50 lbs
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